January 10th 2019 - Los Angeles, California

LayerHost.com Launch Event

Come Meet Our Team and Enjoy Our Launch Party


LayerHost.com Launch Event

If you have been given a private link, you are exclusively invited to LayerHost.com's Launch Party. LayerHost was formally known as Global Frag Networks (GlobalFrag.com) and we would like to let everyone know about our rebrand over to LayerHost.

Event Starts in:

A little about us.

Our roots can be traced back to 2008, when LayerHost (aka Global Frag Networks) started out in the gaming industry as a premier game server provider for such games as: Counter Strike 1.6, Day of Defeat, and Team Fortress Classic. As we continued to grow, we further expanded our options to our clients by providing bare metal servers, ip transit, colocation, and shared hosting services in the greater Los Angeles area. The next logical step was to apply a robust, layered DDoS mitigation onto all of our services. Our values have not changed since the day we started: we put our customers first above all else. We provide our customers with a service that simply cannot be beat.

What should I expect at the Launch Event?

We are making this a huge event to let everyone know about our rebranding and to ensure that every attendee will have the best night of their lives.
Here are couple of complimentary things to expect:

Open bar with an assortment of drinks including: from the most exclusive cocktails all the way to the traditional craft beers.

Complimentary assortments of Japanese/American cuisines including the freshest selection of sushi you can taste, the tenderest wagyu beef, short ribs, and the desserts to die for.

Dance floor playing a wide assortment of music that will be sure to keep you dancing all night long.

Goodie bags for each attendee who comes to our event.

Giveaways which include an iPad pro 10.5 inch, Apple Watch, and many more. The prizes will be raffled off to attendees around 8:30PM. Attendees must be present to receive prizes. Note: Please bring your business cards for entry.

Who Should Attend?

We are looking for anyone who has the passion and drive to work with the top leaders in DDoS mitigated server hosting providers to attend our event. Anyone from the smallest brick and mortar stores looking to host their website, to the greatest enterprise companies hoping to manage and host their network with LayerHost are welcome to join.

How Does the Giveaway Work?

In all seriousness, we know the highlight of any event are the amazing giveaways! As you enter the venue, you will be asked to provide your business card in order to receive a raffle ticket. Prizes include an iPad pro and an Apple watch, just to start off.

It’s also worth mentioning that there is a grand prize, which will remain a surprise for now. Something this elusive and magnificent will, needless to say, require a different form of raffle ticket for entry.

Participating in our photo-booth, taking selfies, or taking pictures of the scrumptious foods at the event and adding the hashtag #LayerHostLaunch on each of your photos will qualify you for our grand prize drawing. Besides, if you don’t post it on the Instagram, did it even happen? Winners will be picked at random and chosen based on the position of the photo posted in #LayerHostLaunch on Instagram.

Tickets are currently available, abosolutely FREE of charge! Join us at Los Angeles on January 10th 2019, 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM and be part of night you won't forget for the rest of 2019!

Event Schedule

A night filled with fun, networking, dancing, eating, drinking, and good company

6:00PM Doors Open

The Event Begins

Each attendee will be required to show a valid government/state issued ID validating your ticket for entry. Food and drinks will start serving so you can begin enjoying the night right away!

7:00PM 5 min. Speech

Thank You Speech

Hear a quick 5 minute speech from the CEO of LayerHost, Mohamad Kazah. He will speak more on the detailed story and history of the company, amongst other things.

8:30PM Giveaways

Announcing the Raffle Giveaways

For those of you provided business cards at check-in will be entered into this raffle giveaway. Don’t forget the additional special giveaway prize at 9:55 PM for those of you who take photos at the event (we highly recommend our photo-booth) tag/hashtag @LAYERHOST #LAYERHOSTLAUNCH on the image into your Facebook and/or Instagram page.

9:00PM Comedian

A Special Guest Comedian

For the last hour of the event, you will be entertained with a great performance from a special guest comedian.

9:55PM Special Giveaway

Announcement of the Special Giveaway

For those who posted pictures of the event/photo-booth on your Facebook and/or Instagram page with tag/hashtag @LAYERHOST #LAYERHOSTLAUNCH and follows us on any of our social media pages: You will be entered into our raffle for our special exclusive prize.

10:00PM Doors Closed

The Event Ends

Unfortunately, the free drinks and food must end at some point. The restaurant, Mrs. Fish, will remain open for the rest of the evening but it will not be comped by LayerHost by this point. If you'd like to check out the night sky, be sure to head over the rooftop before you head home.

LayerHost Staff

Who will be in attendance at the event.

Checkout the Menu

Select from multiple assortments of nigiri sushi, rolls, short ribs, and many more.

Event Sponsors

A huge thanks to all of our amazing sponsors. We couldn’t have an Event without you!

Looking to sponsor our event? Email launch@layerhost.com

Launch Event Venue

How to get to our event location

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Destination From

Destination To

Mrs. Fish

448 S Hill St.

Los Angeles, CA 90012

Phone: (213) 873-4444


Each attendies has the option to receive a complamentary UBER ride to and from our event location. Please, email launch@layerhost.com to claim the uber promotional code.

Valet Parking

Each attendies will received a complamentary valet parking at the event location. Once you arrive at the venue let the valet attendie know you are here for the LayerHost Launch Party.

Hotels and Places to Stay

Each out-of-state attendies will received a complamentary stay at Intercontinental Los Angeles. Please, email launch@layerhost.com to claim your hotel reservation. This will be limited to supply, and is on first come first serve bases!

Bussiness Attire

We want you to feel comfortable at our event. But if we were to set an attire, BUSINESS CASUAL would be perfectly acceptable.

Join Our Community

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